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RoseLynn Dance 2021 Auditions

We are excited to announce that we are beginning the process of creating our 2021 show and we would love you to join us!

 How does this work?

Due to the current global crisis, we will have to do things a little differently, both for auditions and rehearsals, and because of that, we have created a phrase that we would like you to learn by watching the video below.  This may be how we conduct some rehearsals so we want to see how well you can learn from video.  

 You will notice the video is silent, this is because we want to see your own internal timing, uninfluenced by music.  Once you have learned the phrase and are ready,  please record yourself performing it and upload to your video sharing platform of choice (we suggest YouTube as it is easy to upload and keep the video unlisted). You have until February 21st to submit your video.  Feel free to reach out to us via Instagram or our contact form on the main page if you have any questions!


We look forward to seeing you dance and good luck!

Submit Your Audition Video Here!

Thanks for submitting!

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